Exit Scheme Students are not allowed to attend Dec/Jan 2018 Exams


It is a known issue that VTU has released notification which was a bit confusing. This created dilemma within many students and colleges, some colleges have allowed the following category of students to apply for Dec 2017/ Jan 2018 Examinations even though they should not have been allowed to do so:

  • Registered under One Time Exit Scheme – to apply for Regular semesters
  • Students of 2011 batch B.E/B.Tech lateral Entry (not permitted as the course duration is over) – to apply for regular/arrear examinations.
  • Students of 2 013 batch MBA/M.Tech (not permitted as the course duration is over)- to apply for examinations.

VTU strictly notified all affiliated engineering colleges not to allow the above students to appear for examinations during Dec 2017/Jan 2018 Examination and onwards.

Circular for above students will be released by VTU separately.

The information is as per VTU Circular : PS/2017-2018/2314

The circular does not contain any information about when will be the exams and what about the students who have already applied by paying examination fees and received hall ticket for exams.

There is also no information for the students who had applied for the exit scheme and got eligibility after the revaluation results. Hope VTU will resolve all the confusions soon.

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  1. Vtu team,
    The rule which you have announced for 2011 passed out ( lateral entry ) which really makes us to feel dieing at last moment.
    We have been paid fees and preparing for the exam. At at last moment vtu is dragging students life just for this Dipmat301.. wen we cleard all the subjects only for ths subject which not evn have markscards.. vtu have to necessary action about students career
    Kindly requesting vtu team , not to destroy students career for this additional subject
    Hope so vtu can do something regards to this.
    And please rply
    Thank you

  2. Yes same here we have completed regular course only because of DIPMAT301 which is not important, also it not have marks card.. VTU please don’t ay with students Carrier…

  3. Hi sir this Ravi P 1sp11ec405 Today I went to college to write an exam ..But due to VTU notification I didn’t write exam …..So I am fully upset, so I don’t now what happen to me …If any thing happened VTU will be responsible for this and u only answer to My parents …Every thing will written on Paper …And gud bye

    • Hello Ravi,
      We are Team Sigma, we are not official VTU. Please don’t try harm yourself, studies is not the only life you have. Nothing will happen, they will release notification for you guys soon. Don’t worry.

  4. Hi VTU Ravi here 1sp11ec405 to day they can’t alove write a exam ….So I am fully upset if anything thin happence means VTU will responsible and u only answer to my parents

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