Mutilating barcode on answer book will be considered invalid


VTU has introduced this bar code for answer booklets from past two semesters. This was a great step since it saves a lot of time – instead of writing USN and sign each and every page, a single barcode will do the work. But there is a draw back which is identified by VTU.

Writing on barcode or mutilating barcode will make system unable to scan the barcode. So students are instructed not to mutilate the barcode, such answer book will not be considered for evaluation. 

Make sure the barcode is printed properly on every page you write, so it will not lead to problems.

Kindly spread this notification with your friends. So no one will get into any kind of problems.


This has been brought to the notice of the undersigned that some of the students are mutilating barcodes on the answer booklets. This has created lot of inconvenience for the University and also resulting into delay in the announcement of results. Hence , the principals/chief superintendents of constituent and affiliated engineering colleges are requested instruct the students not to mutilate the barcodes. If any student mutilates the barcode, such answer book will not be considered for evaluation.

Kindly bring the contents of this circular to the notice of all the students and also direct the Room superintendents to announce the same in the examination hall before commencement of examination.

Check out the official notification. Any doubts comment below. The above update is as per the VTU notification dated 20TH Dec 2017.


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