VTU Examination Time Table & Fee June/July 2018


Last Updated On : 19/05/2018

Schedule of Project Viva-Voce has been extended up to 18th June 2018 in view of Kutub-e-Ramzan festival. Also make sure there is no clash of Viva-Voce examination with theory examination (MATDIP301/401, CIP18/28 and CIV18/28). (Circular)

In view of postponed Assembly election in Rajarajeshwari constituency, Bengaluru, the theory examination scheduled on the 28/05/2018 are postponed to Sunday, 10/06/2018. The timings will remain unchanged. Also The practical examination schedule remain unchanged except for the colleges coming under Rajarajeshwari Constituency, for them the same will be conducted on 08/06/2018. (Circular)

Below is the time table for 2015 Scheme (CBCS) and 8th semester (2010 scheme) June/July 2018 exams sorted with respective subject and their dates. Along with theory examination time table below you can find the dates for practical exam of June/July 2018.

Rest of the semester and scheme time table will be available in PDF which you can download below.

Time Table :

Practical Examination :

Event Dates
Uploading Batch lists through web interface and approval of batches by the Principals of respective institutions: 14/05/2018 – 17/05/2018
Zone creation and approval by the Incharge Regional Directors 18/05/2018 – 19/05/2018
Allocation of examiners by the BoE Coordinators 21/05/2018 – 24/05/2018
All Sem BE/B.Tech/B.Arch Practical Examinations 28/05/2018 – 07/06/2018

Practical Examination Dates are as per VTU circular  : PS/2018-2019/148

Theory Examination :

Download Final BE/B.Tech Time Table Jun/Jul 2018 (PDF FULL)

– Practical examinations for I to VII Sem BE/B.Tech and I to XI Sem B.Arch (All Schemes) are to be held before the theory examinations, as per the academic calendar.
– MATDIP301 & MATDIP401 are common to 2006, 2010 and 2014 schemes; the dates & timings are the same, for all the schemes.
– Project Viva-Voce for VIII Semester BE/B.Tech/B.Arch will be between 11/06/2018 – 16/06/2018

1ST/2ND Semester - 2015 Scheme

Date, DaySubject Code
Time : 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
11/06/2018, Mon15CPH18/28
12/06/2018, Tue15CIV18/28
14/06/2018, Thu15MAT11
19/06/2018, Tue15CIV13/23
20/06/2018, Wed15PCD13/23
22/06/2018, Fri15PHY12/22
23/06/2018, Sat15CHE12/22
26/06/2018, Tue15EME14/24
27/06/2018, Wed15ELN15/25
29/06/2018, Fri15ELE15/25
03/07/2018, Tue15MAT21

3RD Semester - 2015 Scheme

Date, DaySubject Code
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
15/06/2018, Fri15MATDIP31
18/06/2018, Mon15**31
21/06/2018, Thu15**32
25/06/2018, Mon15**33
28/06/2018, Thu15**34
02/07/2018, Mon15**35
05/07/2018, Thu15**36

4TH Semester - 2015 Scheme

Date, DaySubject Code
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
13/06/2018, Wed15MATDIP41
19/06/2018, Tue15**41
22/06/2018, Fri15**42
26/06/2018, Tue15**43
29/06/2018, Fri15**44
03/07/2018, Tue15**45
06/07/2018, Fri15**46

5TH Semester - 2015 Scheme

Date, DaySubject Code
9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
20/06/2018, Wed15**51
23/06/2018, Sat15**52
27/06/2018, Wed15**53
30/06/2018, Sat15**54
04/07/2018, Wed15**55
07/07/2018, Sat15**56

6TH Semester - 2015 Scheme

Date, DaySubject Code
9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
18/06/2018, Mon15**61
21/06/2018, Thu15**62
25/06/2018, Mon15**63
28/06/2018, Thu15**64
02/07/2018, Mon15**65
05/07/2018, Thu15**66

1ST/2ND Semester - 2017 Scheme

Date, DaySubject Code
Time : 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
12/06/2018, Tue17CIV18/28
14/06/2018, Thu17MAT21
18/06/2018, Mon17MAT11
20/06/2018, Wed17PHY12/22
21/06/2018, Thu17CHE12/22
23/06/2018, Sat17CIV13/23
25/06/2018, Mon17PCD13/23
27/06/2018, Wed17EME14/24
28/06/2018, Thu17ELN15/25
30/06/2018, Sat17ELE15/25

8TH Semester - 2010 Scheme

Date, DaySubject Code
Time : 2:00 to 5:00 PM
31/05/2018, Thu10**81
05/06/2018, Tue10**82
07/06/2018, Thu10**83
09/06/2018, Sat10**84


OTHER UG & PG Exam Time Table:

If there are any changes in time table above or there are any details required regarding this post please contact admin@vtuconnect.in , this post is with reference to the Exam/2018-19/61 & Exam/2018-2019/132 VTU notification.

Exam Application Fee:

Online filing of examination application forms of all semester B.Arch/BE/B.Tech Examinations to be held during May/June/July 2018 by the eligible students is scheduled as per the dates given below by VTU,

Event Last Date
Starting of date for filing of applications 24/04/2018
Last date for filing of applications 05/05/2018
Last date for filing of applications with penalty of Rs. 500 09/05/2018
Generation of hall ticket 24/05/2018
Last date for making online payment of fee collected and submitting consolidated list 26/05/2018


Fee Details:

For students admitted from year 2010-2017 :

  • Application Fee Rs.20/- + Examination Fee Rs. 1200/- for Regular semester irrespective of number of subjects + Marks Card Fee Rs. 75/-
  • Arrear Examination Fee Rs.150/- per subject for arrear semester to the maximum of Rs. 1200/- per semester

Important Note: 

  • Candidate who is not eligible are not allowed to apply for the examination to submit his/her application.
  • The students studying under the benefit of one time exit scheme shall not submit their application for regular semester till they become eligible to apply for examination as per norms.

Update – Filing of examination application form clarification : (VTU Circular)

1. Among the students of One Time Exit Scheme
a. The students who are eligible and appearing for 5th and 7th semester are eligible to apply for 6th and 8th Semester Examination during June/July 2018 examinations.
b. The students who have applied for 5th semester subjects during April 2018 examinations are not eligible to apply for 5th Semester subjects during June/July 2018 Examinations.
c. The Students who have applied for 7th semester subjects during April 2018 examinations are not eligible to apply for 7th Semester subjects during June/July 2018 examinations.
2. Among the students of 2011 Batch Lateral Entry:
The students who have completed the course work of 3rd and 4th semester and having backlog subjects from 3rd and 4th semester are eligible to apply for June/July 2018 Examinations.