VTU Exams Regulations Updated for 2017-18 Admitted Students Onwards


VTU has updated its exams regulation for students who are admitted from 2017-18 onwards, below are the details regarding the changes.

The course evaluation shall be carried in the ratio 60 and 40 for SEE and CIE.

  • The SEE will be conducted for 100 marks and proportionally reduced to 60 marks.
  • The CIE is prescribed for maximum of 40 marks. Marks prescribed for test shall be 30 and that for assignment is 10. The CIE marks for test in a theory Course shall be based on three tests generally conducted at the end of fifth, tenth and fourteenth week of each semester. Each test shall be conducted for maximum of 30 marks shall be awarded based on the evaluation of Assignments/Unit Tests/written quizzes that support to cover some of the course/program outcomes. Final CIE marks awarded shall be the sum of these two out of maximum of 40 marks.
  • In the case of Practical, the CIE marks shall be based on the lab journals/records(30 Marks for continuous evaluation based on conduct of experiment, viva and report writing) and one practical test(10 marks) to be conducted at the end of the semester.

The scheme to teaching from the academic year 2017-18 admitted batch and onwards has been changed by retaining the contents of the syllabus of 2015-16 scheme as it is.

The above given details is as per the VTU Circular – 4880 – 14/SEP/2017 . If anything is wrong please write us on admin@sigmacental.net.