VTU Fake Circular is now a to Case Cybercrime Police


VTU Fake Circular
Snapshot of the faked circular that is circulated in social media.

Recently, the university had released a circular announcing that M.Tech exams, previously scheduled for July 7, 2017, will now be held on July 19, 2017. Soon after, a fake circular was released with the same reference number, claiming that exams for BE courses were being postponed. Subsequently, there was much panic. A night before the BE exam, this VTU fake circular was forwarded on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media, clearly morphed from a previous one meant for M.Tech students.

We have released a notice on VTU Connect Facebook Page mentioning that this circular is fake & students don’t panic.


But that was not enough, this circular was viral,

Students Reaction :

“I received the circular on the night before the exam, and I was shocked. I couldn’t believe VTU was doing this,” said a BE student.

Another student, said:
“When we saw this circular on WhatsApp and Facebook, we had to believe it because the university portal was down. Only in the morning, we came to know that it was a fake one, created by students using a previous circular meant for MTech students.” (Source : BM)

This circular is so widely spread that almost every student of VTU had impact of this. Some of the students believed the circular is true with out having confirmation and missed their exams. Since University website goes down on heavy traffic usage, students were not able to get confirmation whether the exams are postponed or not.

Some students missed their exams because of this. This is not the first time which is happening, before this when VTU varsity has released the time table. Someone faked it by changing the dates of the examination this made confusion in students mind until VTU released a updated timetable.

When contacted, Karisiddappa, Vice-Chancellor, VTU, told BM: “This is the first time I have got calls from students at night. They wanted to know if their UG exams were indeed postponed. We realised the circular on social media was indeed doctored. We have such a transparent system; students have my personal phone number. Someone is taking a advantage of it. The Registrar (Evaluation) and I are personally looking into this matter and we will be submitting this issue to the cybercrime police and will identify the person and take action. We are seeing this as a continuous practice and it has to be curbed right away.” – (Source BM)

Students are the one who suffer by these activities, so please don’t do these things and play with students academic life. Whenever this kind of circular arises make sure you confirm whether the circular is a fake one or not by calling VTU or unoffical trusted sources like us. We will have some info and may help you guys.

So this is gonna be a cybercrime case now and action will be taken on the person who have done this.

 News Source : Bangalore Mirror/Cover Story/Jul 10, 2017, 04.00 AM IST


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