VTU Internship Guidelines for 2015 Scheme


As the new CBCS scheme was introduced by VTU, it comes with mandatory internship. Students must undergo an internship during their final year of engineering. VTU has released internship guidelines for 2015-16 scheme students who will be undergoing internship after completion of their June/July 2018 examination. We have given all the details and guidelines of internship below,

As per VTU regulations of 2015 scheme 15OB 9.1, the students shall undergo an Internship for 8 weeks. Well in the guidelines released recently it is not mentioned whether students have to undergo internship during 7th semester or 8th semester. But in regulation it is said after completion of 7th semester examinations, we will update it as soon as we know about it.

Also regulations in 15OB 9.1 says, students have to complete 4/5 weeks of internship during their holidays and complete remaining period of internship ie., 4/3 weeks during initial period of semester. So don’t expect getting leave from college for completing internship.

Internship Guidelines:

  • The internship shall be completed during the period specified in the Scheme of Teaching and Examination.
  • The internship can be carried out in any industry/R and D Organization/Research Institute/Educational institute of repute.
  • (a) The Department/college shall nominate staff members to facilitate, guide and supervise students under internship. (B) The Internal Guide has to visit place of internship at least once during the student’s internship.
  • The students shall report the progress of the internship to the guide in regular intervals and seek his/her advice.
  • After the completion of Internship, students shall submit a report with completion and attendance certificates to the Head of the Department with the approval of both internal and external guides.
  • There will be 50 marks for CIE ( Seminar: 25, Internship report: 25) and 50 marks for Viva-Voce conducted during SEE. The minimum requirement of CIE marks shall be 50% of the maximum marks.
  • The internal guide shall award the marks for seminar and internship report after evaluation. He/she will also be the internal examiner for Viva-Voce conducted during SEE.
  • The external guide from the industry shall be an examiner for the viva voce on Internship. Viva-Voce on internship shall be conducted at the college and the date of Viva-Voce shall be fixed in consultation with the external Guide. The Examiners shall jointly award the Viva-Voce marks.
  • In case the external Guide expresses his inability to conduct viva voce, the Chief superintended of the college institution shall appoint a senior faculty of the Department of conduct viva-voce along with the internal guide. The same shall be informed in writing to the concerned Chairperson, Board of Examiners (BOE).
  • The students are permitted to carry out the internship anywhere in India or abroad. The University will not provide any kind of financial assistance to any student for carrying out the Internship.

Other important note :

It is mandatory that student has to complete the internship. If any student fails to complete internship, he/she will not be eligible for the award of degree. In case of non-completion of internship, the student has to redo the internship.

About Internship:

Don’t worry about searching for internships, according to my knowledge, in many of the colleges they provide internship through college by consulting various companies. If your college don’t not to worry. You can easily find one through online, but I say don’t just do it for sake of completing engineering. Do it for knowledge and there are chances that you get placed in the same company, so better work hard.

I’d like to refer Internshala if you want to earn money while doing internship. If you do internship through Internshala you’ll get certificate along with stipend. Isn’t that good if you do it with benefits. Also there are openings in tech giants for internships. Apply for 4-5 companies and get prepared for some short interview and you’ll get selected with a confirmation.

Hope this post help many of you guys, any doubts or clarification or any help needed mail us at : support@vtuconnect.in or leave a comment below, we’ll reply for the queries. This post is regarding the notification circular by VTU/2018-19/508.