VTU Take a decision or shutdown – Students protests all over the state


Students are really in big trouble by this VTU. Hiking the exam fee with double from what it was before and scheduling the time table and ask to pay exam fees before revaluation results are out. Also still the 1st semester results are not yet completely announced and the last date for fee payment is 02/06/2017, really?? Does that mean anything for you guys. Its really meaningless asking money in all sorts of aspects.

Students!! This is now or never. These protests will be meaning less if all you guys don’t support the cause and this will repeat forever and a sorry will be placed by VTU at the end as a clarification note. 

The central government’s seizure of Rs 441 crore during an income-tax raid in 2014-15 caused the university to go bankrupt. The varsity has no money and we will perhaps shut it down,” higher education minister Basavaraj Rayareddi said.

Its not a good move to collect all the money from students who have done nothing except made a wrong decision of joining this University. For all the money which is corrupted by University and for their fault and for their good they are hiking money of exam fee to fill up their treasury. Why should Students pay money for you guys ?? That was your mistake of making corruption without sense by our previous VC and now saying “Financial problems were among the prime contributors to the delay.” Rayareddi Said

After all these protests at least a notification for clarification, they just don’t care for students. They their money and their University. Remember without students university cannot run. At least for students sake release a notification what will you do after paying for the backlog subjects without getting the revaluation results. Will you guys refund or what??

How are students going to prepare for exams without knowing their results. Many of the students results ares still showing withheld. What you guys going to do students are in confusion, at least give them a clarification. When will you guys announce the results and whether or not will you guys postpone the exams.

You guys introduced Crash Course system saying a chance for students, Really you think you guys gave them a chance?? You guys made their life a big mess. Studying back to back 2 semester without going to classes? How are they going to attend. Playing with their life!!

Don’t have money right?? Close the University and Go that’s what students wish else make a better decision for students not for yourself. This is a statement which is going viral all over the social media.

Take concern for the students else leave if you can’t handle the University. Asking money by hiking fee is not a better way.

Thanks for AIDSO, Kirik Keerthi & ABVP for standing with students. VTU Connect Whole team supports for the cause any query please mail us at : teamsigma07@gmail.com

Hope Students Gets Justice !! & VTU Stops its non sense.




  1. Vtu is playing with our lives…achay sa marking b nahi hoty hia..kuch v xpect nahi karsakhtay result ma…asey university ko band he karna chayia..abi tak 1st yr ka result b nahi aaya..uskya baad b revalvation ka result aana baky hia…asay he kaha sa itna fee la kya dey….at least vtu should thnk abt thz..kon sa subject kya liya padna hia vo b nahi pata..at least state govt should take the step against vtu….

  2. The more v protest the more they put us into trouble by not correcting the papers which hv been put for reval…and what if they set all future question papers difficult n not let us to clear the subjects on 1st attempt ??????

  3. I have paid 2880 for crash course exam of 7thsem but results came on one day before of exam and I go t failed but my fee which I have paid for 7th Sem is eaten by vtu and now again postpone of exams and much more wrong moves by vtu

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