VTU Year Back System Everything You Need To Know


I have observed there is a discussion going on in social media about whether the “VTU Year Back System is cancelled or not “ for CBCS, 2010 Scheme and other schemes ??. Everyone is just completely confused by many arguments by their friends and seeing posts on social media. Some say its cancelled and some say there is no way they cancel Year Back for us. So I decided to get this confusion cleared by giving you all complete information about VTU Year Back System.

This rumor started to spread because of confusion with Crash Course Students, VTU has cancelled year back only for the Crash Course Students that too only for that academic year which they got detained. They cancelled it for 2014 Scheme & 2010 Scheme Students who appeared for exams in Dec 2016, NOTE : Only for 2014 & 2010 Scheme Students and who wrote exams in Dec 2016 for that particular year only, those students who come under this criteria are under Crash Course. The year back system exists and its not cancelled. If there are updates regarding this I’ll update it here. For current situation FAQ’s I have given answer below,

LATEST UPDATE :  (29/07/2017)

VTU VC Karisidappa said rolling back year-back system was not a feasible option because several other colleges were affiliated to VTU.

“I have told the students that the year-back system will not be removed. If students want another exam to clear the backlog, we will have to keep conducting exams back-to-back for close to six months,” he said. “In one semester, we have six subjects; this means 48 subjects in eight semesters. Besides these, we also have laboratory exams. It’s not feasible to keep conducting exams. Teachers will spend all their time
evaluating. Who will conduct classes then? Students need to understand we are helpless.” – Source : Bangalore Mirror

So, It is confirm that VTU Year Back will not be cancelled.  Below are the FAQ’s ,


I am a Crash Course Student, If I get more backlogs in my currents exams which are going on. Does Year Back Applies for me??

Yes Year Back Exists, VTU has given students a chance since many of them who belongs to 2014 & 2010 Scheme got mass detained in Dec 2016 exams and there were huge protest against the evaluation. So they cancelled Year Back for that particular year only for 2014 & 2010 scheme. If you get more than 4 backlogs in current exams which you written or write you’ll get detained and have to clear them to get entry to next year.

What about 2014 & 2010 Scheme ??

Yes, Year Back is not cancelled for you guys also. If you get more than 4 backlogs you have to stay a year and clear the subjects to get entry to next year. Hope its clear.

I am CBCS Scheme student what about me??

No mercy on you guys also. VTU Year back stays the same for you people too.

Is there a chance that Year Back System get cancelled ??

According to current information. There is no chance that VTU is going to cancel the Year Back System, VTU is know for this freaking system and I hope they will continue with the same and don’t cancel whatever happens. VTU just puts don’t care condition for students and continues with there work.

I just made this article cause many people were in confusion that it is cancelled or will be cancelled by VTU. If there is a chance or any information regarding the Year Back Scheme I will update it here as soon as possible.

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Finally, the conclusion is VTU Year Back is NOT CANCELLED, NOT CANCELLED, NOT CANCELLED. Hope this is clear.

Hope this article helps you.

Study Well. All the best for your exams

If you guys have any queries please comment below and I will update with those questions with whatever information I have.


  1. Vtu should cancel crity system…if any one have one subject back..and because of that he will get detained iz not good….ok if any one will get more thn 4 subjects thn if they will detain no prpblm…but at least they should think about students…they should cancel crety system….?

  2. Sir I am 2010 scheme. 2011 batch ec student from kalburgi.
    Already I had 3 years back.
    I am regular student of 6th sem right now. My question is about NFT .

  3. Sir I am 2010 scheme. 2011 batch ec student from kalburgi.
    Already I had 3 years back.
    I am regular student of 6th sem right now. My question is about NFT .
    I am waiting for your answer

    • Its for 2014 scheke batch were sylabbus was changed to cbcs module system scheme….
      Hence due to collisions of unit system nd module system scheme ,crash course system was introduced….
      People who have year back can continue their next sem only for particular year…
      Hope you got

  4. Sir tell me . Last month some noticification came related if any one fail in one sub they will add 5 mark to them lk dat .pls tellme about dat plssss

  5. It means mean vtu decided to waste the carier of students and…just fish market thy can cell us at any cost,, thoooo

    • yes bro
      they play with students life
      yavn thandhno e cbcs scheme na….avng edta bndag madtavre…ond modl paper bedolla…thu avr janmakke

  6. How can they expect us
    to study it announcing revaluation results just before a night of examination..??
    bldy VTU…they play with stydents life

  7. Any chance of getting supplementary exam for crash course .,,,? Because we are going to write 2 sem exam at once means 16+backlogs . but our frnds get 2chance to get clear the backlogs . u can do something and save crash course student life

      • I am asking if there are any possibility to give crash course bcoz they want to clear the 2010 scheme students as fast as possible….. So the crash course was introduced to the 2010 scheme students so next academic year is the last batch for 2010 scheme students so if there are any protest or strike is there any possibility to give crash course….

  8. I am 2014 Scheme student , I got 2 year back , and i have 5 subjects back , may i get one more year back for next year

  9. Please vtu cancel year back this year because already results announced too late and we don’t got time to prepare those faild subjects… Please give us one chance please cancel year back… It’s humble request to you vtu

  10. I’m in 6th sem of 2010 scheme..as this is the last batch of 2010 scheme will year back system applies to us also?

  11. Every education depend on student interaction but in our vtu university puts student for don’t care condition that’s why every where calling vtu university not good sir leastion our speak also im also learning under this university vishwesvarya such a persion buld it for this university for students but now you won’t lestion what they telling you only come up with crash course rules then every rules until 3 year no every 4 year scream changes so cancel year loss systam. Until remaining 3 year no one can blame you sir I give more respect for my vtu university some boday telling that your university not good I feel very bad plz think about my words sir plz .im telling to my frds my vtu university got bharat rathna award now they seeing every thing they asking plz sir cancel year loss system fallow scem rules no one can blame my or our university

  12. Cbcs revaluation results came really late and we had started our current semester exams. And we had no clarity about our revaluation and 90% of the students have not cleared in revaluation. What will vtu do for our help. Please guide us.

  13. Harshita, i belong to 2015 scheme. I have written 4th sem exam’s ( june-july 2017 ) along with backlogs M1 & M2. i have done M1 well and i’m sure i will pass. But i have done M2 for passing marks. But i remember i don’t have average in IA. Will they pass me? Is the correction is liberal or strict? Please give a reply. I’m very tensed about it. If they make me fail in M2, i think year back applies to me. I want to pass M2 ?

  14. Sir I am the year back student of 2010 scheme….I was not able even after the crash course system…even in June July 2017 exam Im not able to clear….will the year back system gets cancelled for me…please tel …

  15. After yearback ,even if its not cleared in competition of yearback….
    Can they give re.entry orelse should they clear and give a entry?

  16. What is 2014 and 2010 cbcs crash corse bach.
    I just copleted my first year in bmsce .
    Do i come under that batch

  17. Sir am cbsc studrstudent
    Me passed in dec 2017 exam and is year back system depend on July 2017 result

  18. Cbcs students also wrote exams in 2016 dec and 2017 July
    Result and rv result too late for cbcs also
    Then y yb system is not cancelled for cbcs
    Pls cancel and save lives

    • Ur right
      There was not enough time for cbcs students too
      Instead of year back atleast vtu should give a chance of crash course

  19. Pls cancel y.b system or give supplementary exam..v.t.u always wants money in all things they don’t Care about our future…

  20. Sir i wrote 6th sem exams as a regular batch 2010 scheam i had a critical sub m4
    I think i will fail again in that .so Tel me wethet there is a crash course (or) cancelling of year back system(or) cancelation of critical subject for 2010 scheam becouse we r the last batch for that scheam if we get failed becouse of that one subject We hv to study module system i.e, 2014 scheam.

  21. I got year back last year I was suppose to go to second year last year but now I appeared for the exams now can we join college (second year)or we have to wait the results and then join? (vtu student)

    • You can join the college but don’t pay the fee if you are a crash course student. Wait for your results and ask your college once what should you do for clarity.

  22. im the 2010 scheme student i had written 6th sem exam for this june- july 2017 bt im not sure that to getting clear the backlogs sub of 4th sem so plz tell me that..is there crash course for this year 2017-18 to eligible for 7th sem…plz reply me

  23. I m having 2010 scheme and I got 3year back so if year back is cancelled it is good atleast we will free after completing college we can save our time..

  24. Instead of year back system
    They can introduce the same
    Crash course system for 2015 cbcs scheme also right
    Atleast its a better option than year back

    Pls vtu should really help out with crash course for all than yearbcak system

  25. Hi sir.i had become year back in 1st year.2014 scheme and lost 1 year and now i I have completed my 2nd year in cbcs..and i have 1 backlog from cbcs 2nd yr!!!!and 1 criti from 2014 scheme….
    Is criti year back cancelled even for me also.???bcos all my frds have told me that for them year back is cancelled and they all became yb in 2nd year normal scheme
    Because yb

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