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Terms & Conditions & DISCLAIMER :

1. By sending a request to become a member or by joining member of VTU Connect groups I acknowledge and agree to the following group rules, group policy and disclaimer. I also agree that the Admin team has the right to restrict admission, remove, or ban anyone to any of the groups without any notification.

2. As a member of this group, I will abide by the group rules and use only the group to query questions regarding doubt with respect to VTU University topics. I will not involve in any inappropriate, unethical, or illegal activities, including but not limited to forwarding any inappropriate posts, using foul and vulgar language, sharing inappropriate posts, posting promotions of any kinds, personal attacks, personal insulting messages, bullying of any member, sending unsolicited personal messages to any group member whom I don’t have previous acquaintance with, or posting inappropriate messages, images, videos or inappropriate comments.

3. Further, I also understand, VTU Connect is divided into many groups, and I agree to join only one group. Multiple joining will result in removing the member.

4. As a member of this group, I accept the leadership of Admins in managing and moderating the group activities, and I will not modify or change name and icon of any of the groups. I also agree that Admin may verify before admission to any group and I agree to provide true verifiable information to the Admin and not to provide any false information anytime.

5. I understand by joining these WhatsApp groups, I understand and acknowledge that I will be added to VTU Connect Broadcast Lists and I agree to receive Broadcast Messages from the Admin regarding, group information, announcements, meetup events, Community News, other related messages etc. I also understand and agree that I should not block admin team members anytime. I acknowledge that I am aware that blocking admin team members will result in removal of my voluntary member privileges from VTU Connect Whatsapp Group.

6. I understand by voluntarily joining WhatsApp Groups for VTU Connect, that during my participation in Whatsapp Group for VTU Connect, my information including my phone number, my name, my photos etc. may be exposed to other members of the Whatsapp Groups and I may be exposed to risks that include, but are not limited to, information shared with other members, the dangers of serious loss or damage (“Injuries and Damages”). I agree to WAIVE, DISCHARGE CLAIMS, AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY Indians in VTU Connect Group.

7. As a member of this Whatsapp Group for VTU Connect, I voluntarily participate in networking and discussions, and I completely understand, the Group is not responsible for any damage or injury happens by any communication, participation or sharing any information. – Results in Removal of member

8. I further agree to HOLD HARMLESS in VTU Connect Group, its Admins and leaders from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by my own negligence while I participate in any discussions or communication. I understand and intend that this assumption of risk and release is binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and includes any minors accompanying me on the Activity.

9. If I bring guests to participate in the event I take full responsibility of the guests and agree to all above terms and conditions. I acknowledge that I understand that VTU Connect Group is not responsible and liable for any damage, loss or injury happens during any communication, posts, activities or meetup events or any related unspecified activities.

10. Also as a Group member of Whatsapp Groups for VTU Connect, I agree that I will not disclose, post or share, in any manner, any inappropriate messages, any confidential or proprietary information or confidential material or copyright information through any of the Whatsapp Groups. Group Admin and Managers are not responsible in any way, for any inappropriate posts or any violation by any posting made by any group member. -Results in Removal of Member

11. Group members are required not to make defamatory statements, personal attacks or bullying anyone in the group in any manner and not to infringe or authorise any infringement of copyright or any other legal right by any communications made in the group. Any such communication is contrary to group’s policy. The Group will not accept any liability in respect of such communication, breach of confidentiality, copyright violation, violation of intellectual property rights and for any damages or any other liability arising. The information, discussion, comments and contents of WhatsApp Group are for purely for informational and networking purposes only and are not a complete reference resource. – Results in Removal of Member

12. The discussions or comments posted by individual members via WhatsApp group are not intended to be, and should not be considered, a substitute for professional, ethical and legal advice, or for professional consultation or legal, or other professional advice. Group admin team is not responsible for any posts including but not limited to Job posts, Sale posts, promotional posts, matrimonial posts, meetup events posted in the groups.

13. The Group also does not recommend or endorse any specific providers, Job providers, Consultancy, Recruiters, Service Providers, Websites, Products, Opinions or other information that may be mentioned by group members or I may access or discover via any links posted in the group. I will always seek professional legal and ethical advice of qualified professional related to any matter including but not limited to education, sales, job, immigration etc. I may not rely on any information accessible through this group or via any website links posted on the group to my specific circumstances.

14. Discussions, comments, job opportunity, sale, trade, immigration procedure tips, events, promotions, any other kinds of posting posted on this group are not legal or professional advice and should not be relied upon. The opinions expressed at or through this group are the opinions of the individual member and may not reflect the opinions of the group or group admin.

15. I have voluntarily joined this Whatsapp Group for the purpose of networking and I have the right to leave the group anytime. Once I leave the group, Admin reserves the right to restrict or deny my re-enter into the same or any of the groups.

16. Group Admins also have the right to remove and ban users who violate group policy and rules. The discussions posted on one WhatsApp Group could be forwarded to our other Groups of VTU Connect including but not limiWhatsApphatsapp, Linkedin, Facebook, Google Groups, Twitter, Blog, yahoo groups etc, as a member of this group, I acknowledge that I am aware of this, and agree that I will not violate any copyright violation or confidentiality violations by posting any information on this whatsapp group which will be also forwarded manually or automatically fed to other Group pages and listserv.

17. I understand that comments, discussions and other posting posted on this group could be accessed by non- Group members also through various social media. Group Admin and Managers are not responsible for any comments, postings, discussions posted by individual members on this Group , manually forwarded or automatically fed to other similar Groups through various feeds.

18. Group Admins reserve the right to admission to anyone and remove any member from any Group without any further notification.

19. The Admins have right to make modifications on the group rules group policy, and disclaimer, anytime without notice, for effective management and moderation of group activities. As a member of the group, it’s my responsibility to update myself with changes and modifications in the Group Rules and Group policies including disclaimer.

I have read, understood and agree above Group Rules, Policy and Disclaimer.

Updated : 07/05/2017 – 14:57

T&C v1.0