Why do students hate their University?


Recently we have created poll on the Facebook to check “Whether students like their university and course they are doing? “. This poll is mainly for the students studying under VTU university in Karnataka region.

As you can see in above poll, the results are terrifying. Out of 567 votes 79% students are not satisfied with there university and only 21% are liking their University. I’ll be discussing about the reasons, what is wrong with university and students taking no ones side. All the content below is based on my view, experience and some stats that are available on the internet.


It starts from our childhood, people, relatives and evryone is society ask for our goals. When we don’t even know what is meaning of achievement. Our parents tell us, when someone asks you say doctor, engineer, scientist and so on. Keeping ourselves in this mindset we complete our school education and enter our college life. All this time from the start of our education, main aim of us and our parents is to score good marks and be a topper. Marks without knowledge don’t add up, don’t just read for marks. Learning and understanding is what you must be doing in your college.

You may be thinking the title is “Why students hate their University?” and why am I talking about education and shit. I don’t say there is no fault from university side. I’ll come to it later, but first lets check out with ourselves.

50% students take engineering because they don’t know the other professions around, like what are the other courses after your PU/12th standard right? well if you would have known you would have not opted for engineering and regretting it. May be due to family pressure they take engineering and then get depressed as it’s not their passion nor their interest. This is not the process happening these days, it is followed by people from ages.

When we are in our college our relatives ask our marks on every exams we finish. To uphold our self respect, we forget learning and start skimming the concepts without taking the flavor of the subject. This happens untill we finish our degree education. At last when we finish our education, without having any knowledge of anything, we start searching for jobs. Why do you think companies will hire us? We have not learnt anything, we have not mastered in anything, we just got graduated that’s it. Then your relatives says “Not got placed in any company, that’s too sad!”. They don’t know they are one of the reason and your parents, who wants their children to get better life, falls to the society trap and ruins their children’s life.

Don’t live for others, live for yourself and do what you love.

Joining engineering with all these circumstances makes the whole engineering and the university bullshit. We must correct ourself before we point to anyone else. We are having our own falts and if we tell engineering sucks, I say it’s invalid. Engineering is not that easy as you think it is, it’s not about reading books its about understanding.


As Meru Shah said on Quora “Well there are also people who love engineering as me but are pissed off due to the education system. cramming formulas which we aren’t going to use( why the hell then there are storage devices for? Idiots) going through the same inventions and not working out the problems in real life lack of research.”

All of us hate the syllabus pattern which is given by our University. VTU announced CBCS scheme and huge group of students opposes it. Whom should we blame for this, in my view it’s the fault in education system. Majority of the students who join engineering are from state board. Scheme of syllabus, evaluation and everything is different compared to CBCS. When students get hit suddenly by this new scheme of course they get hurt in many ways. How can students get adjust to vast syllabus, while they have been studying in a different environment before.

We require knowledge of previous technology? Yes, we do, but how much? The whole syllabus is full of the practical labs and subjects about the olden days invention. I know it matters a bit to know about the existing, just think in a engineer perspective. When we’re out after completion of engineering will those be necessary? Please check out syllabus once again and kindly keep the one’s that are necessary. Students require practical knowledge about creating new inventions and not to fill up the pages to score 100% marks. I request University to conduct a survey for their final year students and lets check how many of them think that they can create something on their own. I am damn sure results will be terrible. You say I can ? Yes, there may be some students who are enthusiastic, who learn for knowledge and creativity, hats off for them.

Also University must check out with teachers knowledge than students. It really depends on how they teach. In some colleges quality of teachers themselves is questionable. Mediocre ones are responsible for rote learning among students. Once one gets accustomed to simply memorizing to survive, the enjoyment of learning vanishes. Naturally, they start hating examinations where rote learning doesn’t help much (for instance viva voice), get fed up of it by the end of second year itself and drag themselves towards graduation.

Giving useless assignments will help students to worsen their handwriting, it will not improve their knowledge in any way and about that I am 100% sure. Help students to earn knowledge, tell them to read about this or learn about this through internet. Not wasting their time writing 1000 of pages of assignments in their engineering.

University is conducting faculty development program, I’m really thankful for that. But also make a stats on how much is it helping for betterment of education system. Is that really working or not. Also once the syllabus is released, there may be introduction of new technology into world, which is very important to be known by students and which is not in syllabus. Colleges and university must make sure to conduct some interactive workshops so students can engage themselves.


There may be many people who got stuck in engineering for some reason and struggling there not knowing what to do. Remember guys time is very much worth than you think, taking right decision at right time is very important. If you are in final year somehow passed all semester! I say, create interest in your course. There is always time to make good decisions, understand how things work and you’ll definitely love it. You may think I am just bluffing all this stuff. But being Computer science engineering student under VTU, I had gone through the same things which you guys have. Create a passion in what you are doing.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we bath everyday.

So, keep motivating your self and achieve something in your life. I know you guys are champs you can do it. I have written this article not to blame students nor the university. I just shared the views which were floating in my mind from many days. Don’t take it personally if I have said anything wrong. I have never thought this article would be so long. This might be boring for many of you guys, might skip or quit in middle. It happens let it be.

“Get Inspired, Give Inspiration” – Team Sigma

Whoever like this article please do share it with your friends and please do comment your opinions and views about our education, the things you are going through, this might help some others to take a view of inspiration or give some motivation.

Remember whatever happens to you, you’ll be the main reason. ‘Cause you are the one who got into it’.

There may be huge grammar mistakes in this post, I had no time for proof reading.Hope you like it 😀 .

Love you all signing off! Bye Bye.


  1. One of the most worst university in the world is vtu university. They are playing with students life.students lose their prestige in among their family friends relations other people even dog also seeing us like waste fellow’s.even our batch mates and lectures all are ashamed us like a bicth dog.i tried 3 times suside bz of these vtu university.my age 26 how can manage myself in society its very hard ashaming us.i go die bz of this vtu university.

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